• Babies have had lots of fun exploring with fun activities in the garden this week. The weather has been great!
  • We have officially opened our older baby room this week and it has been great exploring in there with the new resources. Please come and have a look if you haven’t already seen it!
  • We have been making cards to celebrate Eid next week.


    • Toddlers have been making Eid cards and colouring henna pictures.
    • We have been dancing to Indian music, learning the moves to the rhythm.
    • In the garden toddlers have been playing group games i.e.; ring a ring a roses….


  • Pre School have been experimenting with different textures in the tuff tray. They have used glitter, sand, water and oil paints.
  • We enjoyed our Sports Stay and Play along with Alex. We did lots of fun sports which kept us active and busy.
  • We have been learning about Eid and Ramadan this week. Why, where and who celebrates it. We looked at different books.

    Parent information/reminders

    Thank you to those who joined us for Sports Stay and Play on Thursday, we hope you enjoyed yourselves. We always appreciate feedback after these events so we can improve our services and make us greater than what we are!

    Eid party will be re scheduled for another date as most children were away on holiday or half term, Zubaida would love to allow the children to get henna painted on their hands at the party. We will have a permission sheet for you to sign should you wish not to have it.

    We continue to have parent readers in occasionally to read to their child’s class. Please let a member of staff know if you are interested, you can go all out and dress up as a character from your chosen story the children always love this!

    Thank you for your support with applying sun cream especially now that is getting really warm.


    We are pleased to announce that The Kiddies Academy has been awarded ‘In Safe Hands Award’ and are the only practice in Beaconsfield to have received that!

    In Safe Hands Award shows we have complied with the provisions set out by them in our day to day care in the setting. I will attach the certificate for everyone to look at in detail.

    The team show we have excellent knowledge and practice of keeping everyone safe, follow our emergency procedures well and have shown all risk assessments are covered daily.   The requirement for paediatric staff on site at one time is one person however we are pleased to say we have 70% of our  permanent staff onsite that are trained.

    We can be found on their website too. http://www.faib.co.uk/

    Well done to everyone at Kiddies!


    Sunrise Senior Living visit is on Monday 3rd June – we continue with our inter-generational play as it supports our children’s social skills develop. If you would like to meet us there please let a member of staff know.

    Next week’s theme and focus;

    We will be looking at People who  help us this month and next week’s theme is ‘My Family’

    Colour of the week is;      yellow

    Shape of the week is;       heart

    Sound of the week is;      ‘ oo’

    Number of the week is;   10 ten

    We will be saying hello in Japanese next week;


    Have a lovely weekend from Yasmin and the team  


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