• We have been playing in glittery shaving foam feeling the different texture.
  • Some of us went to visit Sunrise where we had a play with the residents and an enjoyable snack to end our visit.
  • The babies have been looking at features of our faces and the differences.
  • We had a lovely visit from a parent who brought in some ducklings with her friend.


  • We have been making Eid cards this week, sticking stars and moon.
  • We made pizza muffins choosing our ingredients, chopping the ingredients and watching the change after they have been in the oven. We made fruit kebabs with pre-school for snack time on Friday.

    • We have been talking about the festival Eid, how it is celebrated and why. Shazia kindly brought in sweet cones for us to take home!
    • Pre-school have been looking at their families, the similarities and differences.
    • we have spent a lot of time in the garden playing in the mud kitchen, splashing in the water, having a story time

    Focus of the week

    We will be reinforcing this week’s focus and continue to learn to say hello in Japanese (Konichinwa).

    Theme for next week is….. “put the fire out” we will be looking at fire fighters who are part of our topic “people who help us”

    Sunrise visit

    The children had a wonderful time at Sunrise this week as always and are now building a lovely friendship with the familiar residents we meet every visit.

    Forest schooling

    We will be introducing forest school from next week to our Pre-school and Toddlers, they will get busy making, exploring and experiencing changes in the natural world with Suna.

    She will be taking small groups of 6 at a time to carry out different activities, next week she will be looking at Nature Boards.


    Nature Boards
    Getting ready for school

    Next week we will be starting a 6 week getting ready for school tips in the pre-school only for the children who will be starting school in September.

    Each week we will look at one step they will need when starting school especially in the reception class, ie getting to school on time, rehearsing self-help skills etc.

    We will be sending a programme home with each child and I will also attach it to the newsletter.

    Next week is all about getting to nursery on time, so if you set yourself a time you would ideally like to be in nursery by and do that all week, we do understand the children come in during sibling school run too, but as long as they have a fixed time you do all week its fine.

    Week one   getting to nursery on time

    Week two   rehearse self-help skills such as getting dressed, undressed etc.

    Week three    talk about new friends and teachers as well as getting used to meeting unfamiliar faces through books etc.

    Week four    making your own lunch box and talk about healthy eating.

    Week five    reading books to each other.

    Week six     talk about the highlights of your day and low.

    Dates for your diary

    Eid party  12th June  (please join us from 4pm)

    Father’s day special stay and play all week w/c 10th June (this is open to all our wonderful busy dads who will be welcome to come and stay with their child for an hour any day next week to have a play). Please let us know if you are interested.

    Have a lovely weekend from Yasmin and the team

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